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  • DICKOW PUMPEN Centrifugal Pumps
    Centrifugal pumps which are in accordance with EN22858 and API 610 standards are being used in oil terminals, refineries, aviation fuel facilities and petroleum pipelines as process pumps.
    Please visit Dickow’s website for further information,
  • OPW FLUID TRANSFER GROUP EUROPE B.V Loading Arms, Tank Truck Equipments and Coupling Products
    OPW Fluid Transfer Group Europe B.V. consists of two dedicated business units: 

OPW Engineered Systems Europe is a leading manufacturer of a full range of loading arms (top loading arms, bottom loading arms, LPG loading arms, unloading arms, etc.) and subsequent fluid handling equipment which are being used in oil terminals, refineries, aviation fuel facilities.

OPW Civacon Europe is a major provider of cargo tank products and an extensive package of fluid handling fittings and accessories for transportation of hazardous fluids.
Please visit OPW Fluid Transfer Group website for further information,

ISOIL IMPIANTI Oil Product Metering Solutions

ISOIL instruments are widely used on oil terminals for truck and train loading/unloading as well as for custody transfer lines. ISOIL supplies from single PD meter to complete multi arm skid mounted metering packages. Also, ISOIL metering systems are currently in service on many trucks running in several countries. Specifically, truck measuring systems are designed to be light, compact, accurate and meet the specification and approval requirements for use on board. ISOIL instruments are extensively used on aircraft refuellers and dispensers, as well as portable or mobile applications for both commercial and military aviation applications. ISOIL meters are specifically designed to meet the demanding applications and high accuracy standards required in the aviation market. Please visit ISOIL’s website for further information.

  • Oil Terminal Automation Software
    The software enables to monitor and control the activities in an oil terminal such as truck loading operations, barge loading and unloading applications, tank gauging, process control equipments and provides a database function to collect customer, driver and tank-truck data. 


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