About Litra

Litra provides engineered solutions to airports, tank farms and refineries. We specialise in flow control, measurement, pumping and loading of hydrocarbons to aircrafts and tank trucks. We not only deliver products but act as a systems integrator and take responsibility for a successful operation. We are based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Our Applications

We supply full package of equipment which are being used for jet fuel transfer operations in civil airports and military airfields. Aircraft fueling vehicles such as refueller trucks and hydrant dispensers, ground fueling equipment, pumps, meters, floating suction arms, filters are some of the major equipment take part in our solution package for aviation market. Aviation applications which we cover, are listed in next page.
We supply components and systems for use on tank trucks, tankers and rail tank cars to provide for the safe and efficient loading, transport, transfer, handling and unloading of petroleum-based fuels, chemicals and dry bulk cargo.
Fuel Transportation
Oil Terminals
We provide fluid transfer equipment for the storage terminals where petroleum products and chemicals are being stored in massive volumes. We supply engineered solutions for loading and unloading oprations of tank-trucks, railcars and tankers, pipeline operations, blending and vapour recovery processes. Pumps, meters, loading and unloading arms, flow control equipment, grounding devices, filters, marine loading arms, dry and quick connection couplings are main products in our scope of supply.
We offer process equipment solutions to petroleum refineries which are being operated in production phases of fuel and hydrocarbon gases from crude oil. Beside production operatipns, we also supply complete solutions for ltank truck, railcar and marine tanker loading and unloading processes . Fluid transfer equipment such as pumps, meters, flow control equipment, loading and unloading arms, dry and quck disconnect couplings, vapour recovery systems are equipment we supply in our scope.

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